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There are 327 days left Until Christmas

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  About Snowdog will give you a few pictures and some info on me.

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ATVs.. Christmas :)



Two of my toys. There is nothing like a Jeep.

Current Games:


Old games worth playing

World Of WarCraft - Great Online game
Counter Strike Source - multi player GREAT! I am looking for a clan to join
Half-Life 2 - Game of the year
Doom III - I was hoping for a better game, fun, HL2 is better
Far Cry - GREAT!
Contract JACK
Call of Duty (expansion)
MAX PAYNE Loved it,
Ultima Online 
Serious Sam II - FPS
Freelancer Microsoft's attempt at Space games (remember Elite?)
Diablo2  with mod Ancestral Recall - Skills Enhanced - fan site and players guide for mod
Sacred - fun but buggy
ManHunt - to slow

Science Stuff:

Lyrics - Jimmy Eat World is the home page of a large and fun chat system in NY

Happiness - a by product, not a goal. 

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There are 327 days left Until Christmas
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Carol of the Bells

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