3-4 times a week: Story from Snowdog Compact owner


The video in YouTube "7 Reasons why I picked the SNOWDOG over a Snowmobile" has reached more than 65,000 views in a short time. It was shot by Joshua Treadwell, 33-year-old citizen of New Hampshire, the owner of Snowdog Compact. He uses the machine almost every day. Our media department has contacted this vlogger to get an interview:

— I am the father of my wonderful 2 year old son Remy and live in New Hampshire with my wife Kelsey and our dog Copper. My profession is a Youtube Content Creator in the fishing space. Most of my content is Ice Fishing based so the Snowdog gets me around all winter.

— Very interesting. How much time have you been using your Snowdog? And how do you usually use it?

— I have been using the Snowdog for almost 2 years. My top highlights about the Snowdog is how light it is! I can move it around easily and transport it without the need of a trailer. I use the Snowdog strictly for Ice fishing. I pull a main sled and also a one man flip over style shelter so I can stay as mobile as possible.

— OK. Why did you choose this particular model and our brand? And what would you like to change, add or modify?

— I chose the Snowdog brand because it is a trusted brand that is tested in harsh environments. The B7ZE model was on sale at the time and I wanted to see if the base model fit my day to day needs and it does. I propose a better cover system, but I see that has been addressed in the newer models.

— If you were now buying another Snowdog, which model would you choose and why?

— I would get the Sport B13 MER, I use my Snowdog 3-4 times a week and I need more space on the machine and the power to tow more gear onto the ice.

— How do friends and colleagues react to your purchase?

— They think the Snowdog is fascinating and they want one! I usually get flagged down on the ice to answer some questions.


Thank you! See several videos on Snowdog by Joshua Treadwell below (his work was not sponsored by Snowdog).