Max Zaruba, Wisconsin, USA

"The machine is truly just fun to be on no matter what the occasion. For this past season I was able to get my hands on the new Snowdog Sport B13 MER and let me tell you, it is everything the tag and ad says about it. This new model made this season more fun than ever before, but also more adventurous as I felt more confident than ever behind the bars of the dog. The sport really captures the eye of the passing angler as it truly is "sporty" looking. This winter season, the way we fished simply would not have been possible had we not had a Snowdog. We were able to access ice fishing spots on 3-4'' of ice with confidence and pure pleasure knowing we were safe in the weight restrictions and knowing no matter how far back we went, the dog had the job under control."

Nathan Wheeler, Alberta, Canada

"Your product has been a total game-changer for us. We purchased the Snowdog to make the work easier on ourselves, we don't know why we didn't do it sooner. The quality of pack the machine lays along with myself on the groomer attachment. Which compared to a couple snowshoers we had to pack a trail for days before. Quality was lacking compared to what the machine can do!"

Joshua Treadwell, New Hampshire, USA

"I have been using the Snowdog for almost 2 years. My top highlights about the Snowdog is how light it is! I can move it around easily and transport it without the need of a trailer. I use the Snowdog strictly for Ice fishing. I pull a main sled and also a one man flip over style shelter so I can stay as mobile as possible.

I chose the Snowdog brand because it is a trusted brand that is tested in harsh environments. The B7ZE model was on sale at the time and I wanted to see if the base model fit my day to day needs and it does. I propose a better cover system, but I see that has been addressed in the newer models."

Louis Perea, Alaska, USA

"This is my Snowdog that I bought to get me out on the lakes. This thing looks pretty good. I’ve got sled with the seat on it. Most people ride it standing up. And, I have plenty of room for my fishing gear and auger. So far, I like it. It’s a real fun to ride around. Eventually, when I’m trying to pull out more gear, family, kids, I think it’s really cool.

I like that the Long track Snowdog is still compact enough to fit in my truck without the need for a trailer and I can close the tailgate. I also like that it is designed to handle deeper snow and slush on lakes, as this is standard in Alaska. It’s very easy to operate and the controls are basic enough for a beginner.

I saw it on YouTube a few months ago and figured it was the best option for me and what I do. I did not want a new or used snowmobile and I figured it was better in deeper snow than an atv. I’ve used it mostly to entertain my kids on rides on our property and for ice fishing. I plan to use it to haul a lot of ice fishing gear and people on longer rides to remote lakes."

Kenichiro Nishida, Hokkaido, Japan

"I decided to purchase Snowdog because I thought it would be effective for making a FATBIKE course on ice and forest roads. It’s compact and has high running performance, and I am very satisfied. I think the potential demand for Snowdog is very high in Japan.

No problem for now. I think that many maintenances can be done by the owner according to the manual. It’s smaller than a snowmobile, so friends really want it. Snowdog will continue to perform wonderfully in the winter field of the world. Thank you. It’s a really great product!"

Maddi, Ontario, Canada

"I was looking for something to get onto the ice for ice fishing season and loved that the Snowdog was small and light which keeps you safer on the ice, easy to maintain and affordable.

Mainly used during ice fishing season for transport onto the ice, but also have used it off the ice for fun rides. I’ve taken it into deep snow, ice and mud. I always have lots of fun going for rides in the snow laying down in the sled attached to the Snowdog with friends."

Gary Lothrop, New York, USA

"I bought the Standard B13ME model. I needed a mule to do the heavy work and I sure did get it. It works on land, snow and frozen lakes and much better than I expected. It gave me life on days when I normally just sit home wishing I could be fishing or hunting but my younger friends who do the heavy lifting and pulling are at work. I think of the Snowdog as a tool and not a toy.

I had to see how it would do going through the woods behind my house to my deer stand. We have about a foot of snow now and I almost quit hunting because I can’t drag a deer out if I get one. Now I will have no such problem and wish I bought it sooner. I can’t wait to drag my kayak back to a few remote lakes that I just could not get too last year with my gear once the ice is out. As a real bonus, my younger buddies still like to go fast and play once we get set up fishing, and they all had a blast taking turns buzzing around the lake while I caught dinner.

You have designed an amazing machine and one I am sure us older fellows will fall in love with as they become more popular. This is a tiny tank and fits a lot of uses year around. Well done!"

Thom, New York, USA

"I've been trying to groom trails for the last 4 years. Tried with a regular snowmobile- couldn't keep up enough speed to keep it from bogging down and it was unable to reach even half the trails, used a Rokon 2 wheel drive off road utility bike, it had the power and maneuverability, but when trying to tow a drag and the small footprint of the tires, it was not worth the effort. Then I went back to a snowmobile: smaller, shorter, but still had trouble even reaching half the trails.

Last year, I received a grooming grant, and with the help of the dedicated riders we were able to raise about $2400 allowing me to buy a used Ski Doo Alpine and the necessary trailer. It worked, could reach about half of my trails, but still not good enough.

I had been looking at track sled videos in Russian for the last few years, even tried to get a local guy to rig one up for me, but no luck. Then I learnt about Snowdog and got a Compact B10ZE. What I like about it- it's simple, well thought out, the pull and electric start, the way the handlebars can be adjusted, it's weight allows for it to be moved easily either on the trail or in the garage. I store it right in my truck bed, so when Winter drops another 4-5 inches I can hop on the grooming effort. It's nice that it's a tried and true engine, and the design is well thought out, I've been able to groom sideslope trails, and the learning curve for operation is rather short. After 20-30 minutes you can move about the trails quite well.

Only suggestions I can give is a higher setting for the handlebars, it would be more comfortable for myself if they were about 4 inches higher. Everything else is great, it's stable, the center of gravity is what it is, i've tipped it a few times and the engine cuts out due to the oil, but that is planned safety, so no issues, once I get it upright, it starts within 5-10 seconds."

Anthony and Tiffany, Illinois, USA

“We purchased our Snowdog about a month ago. It has exceeded every expectation that we had! We are devoted ice fisherman and the Snowdog is now a key part in our everyday fishing. Pulling a couple hundred pounds of fishing equipment by hand is not easy or fun... Especially when the fish aren’t biting and you have to move several times… The Snowdog has given us the capabilities to make fishing more enjoyable. With it being able to pull several ice shanties and several people (over 1000 lbs), we can enjoy the trip out each time. Not to mention the time saved – Going 20+mph across the lakes definitely beats walking! The Snowdog has also helped us reach places that we could not before. With the studded track on this machine, we have been able to travel across large snow covered lakes (or just the slick ice without snow) and also reach lakes surrounded by steep hills with ease! We are able to go wherever we want thanks to our Snowdog. With it being so simple and safe to operate, the entire family can enjoy it as well! We load up the Snowdog right into our Hitch Hauler on the truck, which makes an easy trip without the hassle of a trailer. We would highly recommend a Snowdog to any outdoors enthusiast. Whether you are ice fishing, hunting, or just a nature person with the love of engines, the Snowdog is the perfect machine for you!”

Vasilijus, Klaipeda, Lithuania

“It`s been two years since I got my Snowdog. I find it reliable and able to do hard work. And these are the qualities I value in it. Some compare motor tow to snowmobile, but it`s like comparing a truck to a race car - these vehicles have different purposes. Sport snowmobiles are powerful, and they go fast travelling light. As for Snowdog it easily tows up to 1000 lbs, one day it towed me, two of my friends and a large cargo, and did great. I am a fisherman, and riding Snowdog, I can easily get to any part of the lake, and if there`s no fish there, just jump back into the sleds and change location in minutes. If the snow is 3-5 ft, I may have to ride light first, and then take a heavy cargo with me on the well-trodden path. When I go fishing I usually take a can of gas with me just in case. The gulf here is huge and sometimes I can`t find any fish, and my friends call me and tell me it bites there, so I travel 10-15 miles to get to their spot. With cruising speed at 15-20 mph I can get around pretty fast. And what is more, Snowdog is a perfect machine for family fun. Last winter, thanks to Snowdog, me, my friends and our families had a blast spending time outside. One time we connected 13 children sleds together behind motor tow, and were riding in circles on ice. Kids were so happy!”