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What is a Snowdog?

Snowdog is an innovative, versatile, and reliable machine designed to travel on the ice, on the snow, in the forests, in the fields, and in hard-to-reach places.

As a more affordable alternative to the snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), Snowdog is tailored to hunters, trappers, ice fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts. With a compact and highly versatile machine, the operator can sit comfortably in a sled with a plenty of space to carry gear and supplies. With a machine like Snowdog, hard work turns into a fun adventure.

In 2021 we have expanded Snowdog lineup:
- Snowdog Advance models with a reverse, heated grips and handguards in soft cover or hard plastic hood.
- Snowdog Pro models with a long track (Briggs & Stratton engine) or with two tracks (Vanguard engine).

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Snowdog vs Snowmobile / ATV


1/3 the price of a snowmobile.


Max speed is limited to 20 mph (30 km/h).


Fits in the back of an SUV or a pickup truck, takes up minimal garage space.


Only 286‑440 lb (130‑200 kg). Very low ground pressure.


The top power models of 14 hp haul up to 660 lb (300 kg) on snow.


Average fuel consumption is only 0.7 gal/h (3 l/h).


Goes through deep snow, ice, grassy fields or forest trails.


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