New season. New site.


Winter is coming. Folks, we are happy to announce that we’ve updated our web site. Now it’s even more user-friendly and descriptive. Let us tell you about it.

On the eve of the season, we have changed site content and added new machine models — the ones that are already available for purchase and those which are expected to be at the market in the next months.

Currently, the web site contains 6 models of Snowdog machines within 3 categories: Snowdog, Snowdog Advance and Snowdog Pro. Here is more detailed information on them.

Snowdogs are the most affordable models: Compact B10 ME, Standard B13 ME. We produce them with the short and standard track. The lower price is $2,599. However, it’s important to realize that the low-cost model is supposed not to have the reverse gear.

Snowdog Advance are the most popular models. They have the reverse gear. Within these product range there is the utility model with a soft cover (Utility B13 MER) and, let’s say, more entertainment model in a plastic case (Sport B13 MER).

Snowdog Pro is a product line for the professionals. Here, as well, everyone chooses a machine that suits their needs: a model with 2 tracks (Twin Track) or with the long track (Long Track). Both are perfect for the deep snow rides.

Anyway, all our track sleds are equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines. Each model can be easily viewed from all the sides with the button at 360°.

Our next publications which we will make several times a week, will contain information on our novelties of this season — Sport B13 MER and professional Long Track B13 MER.

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We will keep in touch with you!

Have good preparation for upcoming season!