Snowdog Sport. Presentation.


We are happy to introduce the updated Snowdog machine — Sport B13 MER. This recently developed model gives new opportunities.

Mind, that power unit stayed the same — American ultra-reliable Briggs & Stratton 420 cm3 engine with 13.5 hp.

The hood of the tracksled has changed. Now, it opens an access to all units in the engine compartment and makes repair and maintenance of the Snowdog incredibly convenient. The closed hood is fixed by rubber latches on both sides of tracksled.

We have widened the handlebar. Now it connects to the frame not from the inside, but from the outside. Additional lever enables to reach easier Snowdog control. The luggage compartment has become much bigger. We’ve equipped the machine with a plastic storage box, that standard equipment includes!

Moreover, the machine is equipped with heated grips and hand guards. Watch our new video presentation to estimate it visually.