Hardwater Freaks about Snowdog


Hello everyone from Max Zaruba, the owner of Hardwater Freaks, Wisconsin. This cheerful hunter and fisherman purchased Standard B13 ME last year and has been using it extensively all winter. And now it’s a new season. This means it’s high time to use the machine again and share an experience of the last year: why he decided to purchase the Snowdog, how the machine managed to help him while fishing and how he operated it under difficult conditions. We believe that this will help you to make the right choice.

"It’s time to open up about something that has changed the name of the game for me as an ice angler. Something that has far superseded any one tool in my arsenal of endless ice fishing gear. A tool that has made my trips easier, more convenient, productive and downright enjoyable in every manner. The Snowdog B13 ME that I purchased last year in white camo, was truly the greatest and most self explained purchase I have made for ice fishing than any one other purchase. Yes, more than an ice auger. Yes, more than a sonar. Lastly, 100% definitely yes than any ice suit. Let me explain.

I have been ice fishing now for approximately 35 years of my life (I’m currently 36) and have truly trialed nearly every single product that exists in the ice fishing category. I’ve gone through dozens of ice suits or forms of body warmth. I’ve rifled through far more sonars than I care to admit, and don’t even get me started on ice augers. I’ve settled on certain tool brands for those categories, but one thing surely wasn’t answered the way I wanted it to be. This so happens to be easy transport that just so happens to be affordable. I’ve tried quads, UTV’s, sleds and more but none met what I as a die hard early ice-late ice angler needed.

The Snowdog changed the name of the game for me in the sense of a simple purchasing process, (I paid for it) and shipping was a breeze. The best part of the whole process is how fast they answer through Instagram and email. With the company being based overseas and built tough in the Russian winters it was truly amazing to know that I was being forwarded to an American facility to deal with any form of translation or American customary questions I had. Trust me, there was plenty. Regardless, the Snowdog purchasing process was far beyond easy!

We all know what it’s like lately dealing with fuel efficiency on the ice, in the woods, and much more. The Snowdog comes in a few different engine sizes but I can assure you the 13 Horse Briggs fuel efficiency is beyond a worry that you’d need to have a gas tank on day missions. We’ve crossed miles and miles of ice, across rivers and through the woods to get to where we needed to be and never once had to pop the tank to “check for fuel level.” That being said we always have a gallon on hand in case we do push the limits or come across another machine that’s running low.

If you’re already in the need for a snow or woods machine, and have a yard need for something to pull some sleds of turf or firewood, look no further my friend. YA FOUND IT!!! This feature doesn’t come without one precaution though. What is it? Please do not by any means make any sharp turns in your yard as the SnowDog is filled with incredible direct drive power to that chassis carrying the track system that will be quick to cultivate your yard. Be sure to make wide sweeping turns and you’re set.

While I’d love to sit here and claim there is only up and ups to everything about this little unit, I’d be lying. The benefit here is that where this machine “struggles” is exactly where EVERY option for ice fishing struggles as well. What’s that? DEEEEEEP SNOW and SLUSHHH … I mean like DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SNOWWWWW and SLUSHHHHHHH…… However you’re in luck as I can tell you that if you come across either one of these all you really have to do is make a dry run out to where you’re going with no gear and come back on that same trail. Pack that trail down and come get your gear for a day of pure enjoyment. If you so much as do come across a scenario where you’re stuck, you’re still in luck as the machine truly is a light weight beast. With most units coming in well under 350 lb, it is simple to grab that front or side bar and slide the unit to fresh clean ground. Tip: stand off to the side and walk next to the machine while gently accelerating it out and away from the sticky spot and you’re free and ready to rock.

Lastly, I’d like to mention the greatest benefit to us as ice anglers and that is the vast array of upgrades you as a DIY angler or outdoorsman can do to this machine. Not getting enough light off the front end? Well, put a bigger light bar on deck as it’s insanely easy to manipulate the front end to hold or work with any lightbar system. Hands getting cold? Well so be it. You have the option of heated grips and brush/wind guards and muffs at your online store leasure. Don’t like the seat you got? Check out their other seat models on their site as it will surely come soon enough shipping from the USA plant. Let’s just make this simple for you, me, and all of us… Head over to snowdog.com and click “Accessories” where you will find a whole mess of upgrades, parts and so on. While you’re there, click the “find a dealer” button and head over to a local dealer and have them walk you through a floor model.

If you or anyone you know feels they are interested in checking out a Snowdog, feel free to reach out and I’ll help the best I can or forward you to a professional who can. Who knows though… Maybe we can meet up and let you rip some ice and snow up with one of my units. Thanks for the read guys."