“People LOVED the product”


"We pride ourselves on being Snowdog owners FIRST, and a dealer second" — these are the words of Sean, resident of Canadian city Winnipeg, Manitoba. He, together with his friends, purchased his first Snowdog 4 yeas ago. Now, he is one of the most successful dealers selling Snowdog machines. Their project is called "Recreation Revolution". These guys are extremely creative and active. We suggest you reading an interview with Sean to look at how they do their work.

- You have been cooperating with us for more than 3 years selling Snowdogs in Canada. Tell us please how our partnership started and why you have decided to distribute Snowdog products.

"Brian, Eric and I have been Ice Fishing together for more than 15 years. We would typically walk out onto the ice and drag all our gear. Four years ago we discovered a YouTube video about Snowdogs and were intrigued. At the time it was difficult to find somewhere to purchase them in Canada so we inquired about becoming dealers ourselves. A few weeks later we had a demo - and we were HOOKED. Recreation Revolution was born! We are in our 4th year of business now and have grown to be one of Canada’s largest Snowdog dealers — selling machines, parts, and accessories. We are also one of the top content creators for Snowdog with many articles educating users on the purchase, use, improvement and maintenance of the machines. We pride ourselves on being Snowdog owners FIRST, and a dealer second."

- Which Snowdog machines did you sell at the very beginning of our cooperation? How did customers respond to the new product?

"At the beginning we were selling the 10HP Compact and 10HP Standards. Even the reverse gear was new at the time and didn’t have much interest (yet). People LOVED the product. We would take it out to Ice Fishing Tournaments and give kids rides around the derbies while their parents fished. At one point we had 17 kids and 1 operator on the “Snowdog Train” at one time! Everyone had a blast! Our goal for the first year was just to sell ONE machine, and we exceeded that in no time. In fact - we sold a machine the very first day we launched our website!"

- Which Snowdogs are in high demand and why?

"The Snowdog Sport models have been very well received with the public. We have a long list of people still waiting for these specifically. The upgrades with the hard cover, and heated grips have made them very attractive! In reality - ANY Snowdog available is in high demand. They are very accessible machines with multiple purposes. You can’t buy any other brand new machine (comparing to Snowmobiles, Quads, Side by Sides) for this price point that can be used all year round. They are gaining popularity, and more and more people want to buy them. We had our biggest year this year and still have many people on the waiting list for our next shipment."

- What do you personally like most about Snowdogs?

"Size is really the best part. Personally I have a small SUV and no trailer, so the fact that I can load the Snowdog into the back of my Honda Pilot and still take my kids fishing is amazing! I also enjoy the scale of them — just by adding on a few extra sleds you can take more friends with you that don’t have their own machines."

- Yes. You are one of the most creative dealers we work with. Which your marketing campaign did you like most?

"We have taken great pride in our content from day one. We wanted to be the go-to source for all things Snowdog. We have written many articles, done walk-through videos, comparisons between machines, and more. The “Santa’s got a brand new Snowdog” video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu0_iWNMScc) was likely our most fun to put together. The three of us went ice fishing early in the season (before Christmas) and almost had the entire lake to ourselves. I suited up in a Santa Suit and did some fun riding and dancing while Brian drove and Eric filmed from another machine. It was really cold that day! The sunlight and the glare ice made for some great shots. Eric did a superb job with the editing. The exhaust from the Snowdog timed to the music is my favourite part!"

- Great! Thanks. But what would you like to change or improve in partnership with distributors?

"As dealers we would like to see more insight into new models before they hit the market so we could do a better job of promoting them. It would also be good to get more insight into available inventory. We could easily sell 2x the amount of machines and parts if there were more available."

- OK. And the last question: “What wishes do you have for the coming year?”

"Health and time are our biggest wishes for 2022. We are excited for the world to go back to “normal” so we can all start gathering in ice shacks together and sharing a beverage after a day riding Snowdogs. The wish for time is just more time in the season to be able to get out and enjoy riding these fantastic machines!"

Great wishes and wise words we heard! Thank you, Sean. We will take into consideration everything you’ve said and aim at more active cooperation. We recommend you subscribe to the accounts of this team. Thank you!

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