Results: Contest for the best mods!


Guys, we are pleased to announce the results of the Contest for the best Snowdog mods!

Let us remind that on 17, Feb, we have announced that we will give merch to the winners of contest who have shared the most interesting mods ever made on Snowdogs.

Thank you so much for your participation and activity. We were more than excited to discover new photos of how you’ve attached augers on the handlebar or the fuel tank and other appliances on the sides of your Snowdog in rather creative and original way.

Based on the discussions of our Snowdog team members, it was decided to award prizes to the following participants of our contest:
Adam Inman, Jacob Tombari, Kevin Love, Trevor James Frank, Shane Ortins.

Please provide our media manager ( with your name, postal address and telephone number so we can send you the prizes.

Good luck and have fantastic time with your Snowdog!