Why do girls choose Snowdog?


Her name is Maddi. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and she loves fishing. She is an experienced and enthusiastic angler. She catches huge fish almost every week. Thus, Maddi posts pictures of her good catches on social media. If she goes fishing in winter season, there is always Snowdog in her pictures.

Of course, her posts attracted our attention. We got acquainted with her and interviewed her.

  • Please, tell us why you chose Snowdog?
  • I was looking for something to get onto the ice for ice fishing season and loved that the Snowdog was small and light which keeps you safer on the ice, easy to maintain and affordable.
  • Nice. How long ago did you buy it and how, where do you use it?
  • About 2 years ago. Mainly used during ice fishing season for transport onto the ice, but also have used it off the ice for fun rides. I’ve taken it into deep snow, ice and mud. I always have lots of fun going for rides in the snow laying down in the sled attached to the Snowdog with friends.
  • OK. Did you have any problems, breakdowns?
  • A few minor issues, but nothing that was difficult to fix!
  • Thanks to Maddi for the interview.

    We wish her a great active leisure, nice travels with our Snowdog and lots of fish caught!